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The Living

 Luke 24:1-12 I have always hated the question Why? Not as in,  Why is the sky blue?   but as in,  Why did you leave the car on empty? Why?  can sometimes be less of a question and more of an indirect way to make a point.   Why are we having  that  for dinner? Why didn’t you turn in that assignment?  Oh no!  Why did you break that?  Trying to answer these  why  questions only makes you feel like an idiot. Because I  wanted  to make life harder for you.  Because I was hoping to disappoint you, and I succeeded!  Because I was trying  to get in trouble.  Because I obviously wasn’t being careful and probably shouldn’t be trusted with valuable things. So I think that the angels’ choice to announce the resurrection with a  Why  question is both kind of terrible and pretty awesome.  Why do you look for the living among the dead?,  they ask the terrified women. The simple answer is, as you know, angels, they  don't .   They are not lookin

This Unsafe Life

Luke 19:28-44   (This scripture text includes the four verses following the typical Palm Sunday pericope) Last week, a mile from where Andy and I sat sipping rum punch and looking at the beauty of the ocean, a professional snorkel cruise guide and her husband got caught in riptide and drowned.  Vacationers gathered on the balcony of the Sheraton to watch the helicopter retrieve their bodies from the water. If a trained person whose life work is to be in the ocean can drown just like that, why should any of us dare risk going in?   This weekend, in an act that is almost unfathomable, on the third floor of the Mall of America a stranger picked up a 5-year-old child and threw him over railing to the marble floor below.   How are we to live a human life?  How can we exist in a world where this kind of senseless, evil thing could happen?   Forget the ocean, the mall is too dangerous.  Plane crashes, car accidents…death is a real possibility, for all of us, at