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Entering Into Advent...

tell it as a story about darkness giving birth to  light, about seemingly end- less waiting, and about that which lies at the end of all our waiting with each  telling, more of the story comes to light darkness can become the tending place in which our longings for  healing, justice, and peace grow and come to birth -Jan Richardson, from  Night Visions Advent begins tomorrow. Yummy, yummy Advent. On our  church website   we are assembling a list of links and resources to help you celebrate Advent in your home, in quiet time alone or with your family, or as an active daily practice.   This includes books, experiences, online devotionals, photo-a-day challenges, and a lovely movie from the artists at Proost, that tells the Christmas story in a tidbit each day throughout Advent, which will be posted each day on the Church website. (Many of these resources have activities or readings that begin December 1). ENTERING INTO ADVENT E

The general or the prophet

Isaiah 36:1-3, 13-20, 37:1-7 then 2:1-4 On Friday morning Maisy awoke to discover that her water bottle from her bedside table had tipped and spilled all over a school library book, soaking the cover and causing the pages to ripple.  In terror, she realized she would have to confess this to Ms. Storms, the dreaded school librarian.  All morning long she anguished, tried to find ways out of it, tried to reason her way past the fear, but it clung fiercely.  Just before it was time to leave for school, when she was still very upset, I went to the basement to retrieve my snow pants, because, naturally, I would need them walking to school on November 13 when the windchill hit -3 degrees. I noticed, while I was there, an extra pair of snowpants that Owen had outgrown the year before.  When I reached the top of the stairs Maisy mentioned, out of the blue, that her friend Wyatt had been missing recess because he didn’t have any snowpants. “Maisy!” I said “I just saw that

Living which script?

Micah 5:2-4, 6:1-8 There are two stories contending for you and me, what Walter Brueggemann describes as two "competing scripts," we all live within. (1)  One goes like this: The powerful matter, the weak do not Having more makes you better, your worth is earned, others are nothing more than a competition for resources or an obstacle in your way, they should be managed, controlled, used to further yourself, or eliminated The one who dies with the most toys wins, life begins in self-sufficiency. There is not enough to go around so take what you can get before someone else does God is keeping score, and so should we. We’ll call that the Dominant Script . The other one is the truth that God has been seeking to communicate with us in countless ways from the beginning of time, and that is this: It all begins in gift, and abundance.   You are made for connection and communion. On this journey of life that begins in gift and ends in connection and com

A Prayer for Election Day

"...Look up the word "suffrage" in the dictionary. In mine, after noting the main meanings – the privilege of voting, the 'exercise of such a right,' the third interpretation of suffrage is this: 'A short intercessory prayer.' Isn't that beautiful? And true? For what is voting if not a prayer, and what are prayers if not declarations of hope and desire?" —Sarah Vowell God, all over our country  people are sending up  short intercessory prayers today. On this day our attention is turned,  however briefly,  to the needs of our nation,  our cities, our communities. On this day, however briefly,  we are sending up short intercessory prayers  for the "we" and the "us"  and not merely the "me" or the "they"  that so often direct our actions  or dominate our thoughts  or shape our prayers. We are coming together,  one at a time,  to express our hopes and our fears,

Real Reality: Bumping up Against Grace

2 Kings 5:1-14   (&  Revelation 7:9-17 )   Naaman is a hot shot general. A high up muckity muck commander of the King of Aram’s army.   And he’s got a terrible secret. He has a dreadful skin disease. The kind that if it were widely known; people would shun and fear him. The kind that spreads wickedly and eventually destroys you, bit by bit, making you numb and breaking you down, until you’re worthless and ruined, and then you die. Now, there is going to be some rearranging in this story, some view-shifting suprises. Some lessons about who God is, and some surprising places where power does and doesn’t reside, and what ultimately is real reality. So listen up. To start, Naaman is powerful. The slave girl that his soldiers stole from her homeland who now serves Naaman’s wife, is not. And yet this girl knows who can help him (which means she also first must know he is in need of help) and she offers to him what she knows – there is a prophet who can cu