A Prayer for Election Day

"...Look up the word "suffrage" in the dictionary. In mine, after noting the main meanings – the privilege of voting, the 'exercise of such a right,' the third interpretation of suffrage is this: 'A short intercessory prayer.' Isn't that beautiful? And true? For what is voting if not a prayer, and what are prayers if not declarations of hope and desire?"
—Sarah Vowell

God, all over our country 
people are sending up 
short intercessory prayers today.

On this day our attention is turned, 
however briefly, 
to the needs of our nation, 
our cities, our communities.

On this day, however briefly, 
we are sending up short intercessory prayers 
for the "we" and the "us" 
and not merely the "me" or the "they" 
that so often direct our actions 
or dominate our thoughts 
or shape our prayers.

We are coming together, 
one at a time, 
to express our hopes and our fears,
our worries and our dreams,
over the things that bind us together,
and the things that keep us apart,
the things that build us up and tear us down,
the future in front of us and the reality around us.
All these things come into our short intercessory prayers today.

We lift them all to you, Lord God,
and the leaders who are waiting in the wings,
to see if they've been chosen,
to do their best on behalf of others.

Please hear our prayers.

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