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Spring, Sabbath, and the Hesitant Hermit

Yesterday I had to stop walking and take off my sunglasses to gape at the amazing colors in front of me – a hot pink tree in full flower, set against a backdrop of emerald green grass meeting a cloudless rich blue sky with a garden of dazzling yellow and vivid red tulips in between. Everywhere you look this unusual year, spring is in full force. The dead landscape has reignited and the shoots are pushing up out of the ground into the bright sunshine.             I took my first 24-hour completely solo retreat last week.  They called me “the hermit” when they showed me to my tiny cottage off the beaten path and delivered my meals in a picnic basket.  I spent the time wandering the woods, sitting on a tree suspended over a rushing stream, reading, writing, drinking hot tea and listening to the sounds of the forest all around me – owls, squirrels, birds of all kinds, the clacking of 160 foot tall trees as their tops leaned and bumped, greeting each other in the wind far above the forest f

Stories of Resurrection

Acts 9:1-20 , John 21:1-19 If Paul, Ananias and Peter were here today, we would tell them we were sharing stories of resurrection. We would tell them all about Easter, and how it has become this annual remembrance of Jesus’ death and resurrection, among other things, and that for this season in the life of our congregation, we are talking about how we experience resurrection in our lives – how we see life coming from death, hope born out of despair.  We would tell them about last week, and how we heard stories from Sue, Dee, Cyndi and Dick, stories of faith and of life changing, joy growing out of pain, stories of great tragedy and loss and of new, different, surprising life emerging out of those places.  And if they were here today, we’d ask them to share their stories of resurrection.  And they might look at us quizzically, they might wonder what we mean-  we followers of Christ who believe not having seen, we followers of Christ who have known only the Risen Christ, who encounter

Risen Indeed

Isaiah 65:17-25 , John 20:1-18 , 1 Corinthians 15:19-26 What is the resurrection you long for this Easter? The question asked the first time I read it... Then it stuck with me,  Where do you need resurrection this Easter? Ever since this question came across my radar several weeks ago, it has grabbed hold of me and keeps on probing, nagging, persisting.  Where do I need resurrection? The question implies there are dead places within me, or in my world. The question assumes there are places beyond hope, beyond rescuing, dead and gone, over and given up on.  It’s not, where do I need resuscitation? Where would I like to see a little more verve and oomph in my life?  It’s, where do I need resurrection? Where are things so utterly dead, so completely past redeeming, so fully beyond reimagining or resuming or recuperating that they are over?  That if anything were ever to happen there again, it would need resurrecting, literally, bringing it back from the dead and making it alive…and so

Easter is Coming

The people at Working Preacher put out a wonderful video today:  Easter is Coming