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Not in the "Easter Mood"

John 20:1-18 I am craving resurrection. Sometimes by Easter I am already there. I have had no problem glimpsing new life springing up all over like the green shoots bursting out of the hard ground, I’m noticing joy and hope in the people or circumstances around me.  I feel in touch with the beauty and wonder of being alive, and am ready to praise God for the whole of it. Not so this year.  And not just because it was 11 degrees with a windchill of 0 when we awoke this fine Easter morning.   It’s because for whatever reason, right now I’m just more aware of the death.   The heaviness and despair. The struggle of things. I just happen to feel them weighing on me at the moment.  This is inconvenient timing.   It feels a little like some kind of a betrayal of the day, like I owe it to Easter- especially as a pastor – to be joyful and triumphant.  To take my baton and conduct the fanfare and the glory with confidence and cheer. But when I read the Easter story t