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On Prayer (and the two only ways to Not-Pray)

Psalm 130 & 131 This summer we are trying out different ways to pray.   But it occurs to me, that we might want to take a step back and ask, What is prayer? Perhaps we think it is something only especially religious people can do – or at least, only especially religious people are good at. (Watch how many potlucks and picnics are put on hold until the pastor can get there to pray).   Most of us don’t want to do it in public, that’s for sure.   Maybe prayer is something we feel like we should do before we eat or go to bed, or we find ourselves doing it urgently when things go wrong, often feeling guilty that we don’t do it more when things are going right. But prayer is nothing more, and nothing less, than communication between God and us.   In that way it is both utterly simple and natural, and also pretty astonishing.   We were made to be connected to our Creator, each other, the world around us.   But that God wants to communicate with us? Wants to hear from