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Thank you for it all

Not alone. Marty's last moments. Homily for Marty Christensen June 24, 2017 Rev. Kara Root Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church Hebrews 12:1-2 Romans 8:35, 37-39 Marty would say “You can never have too many friends.” And I imagine his life like a high school cafeteria – each table a different group. His church friends, his bar friends, his Hutch friends, his Astrology friends, His Gunflint Trail friends, his OLD friends.   And Marty, with his lunch tray, effortlessly flowing between them, a full part of each group.   It was like his superpower in this life was friendship. And now here we all are, sitting at one big table – in a room together with people whose paths might never have any other reason to cross, except that in some way we all belonged to Marty, and he to us.   I find that utterly enchanting.   And I believe that Marty has returned to his source, to love, to the force that made him and gave him his insatiable love for people, his boundless

Our Pentecost Practice Run

Acts 2:1-21, 38-47 Pentecost has been called the birthday of the Church, because it is when the church first formed, but first and foremost, this is the Holy Spirit’s day. The Holy Spirit is ruah in Hebrew and pneuma in Greek: breath, wind, life force. The Spirit is the outflowing of the dynamic connection between Father and Son   - the verb of the Trinity’s relationship, love in action, the energy of life that binds us to God and each other. The Spirit comforts, leads, inspires, and animates.   The Spirit of God is has always been here, behind the scenes, under the surface – hovering over the waters at creation, filling the lungs of the Adam , the first earth creature, inspiring of the Psalms of David, quickening the womb of Mary, descending like a dove to claim Jesus as Beloved in the river of   John’s baptism.   But on Pentecost the Spirit comes out from behind the scenes; the stage manager takes center stage. Jesus told the disciples to wait, that the Spirit