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Learning to Listen in the Liminal

Acts 1 Sometimes when we don’t know what to do, when we’re face to face with mystery, or something unknown, vast, greater than ourselves, we clean.   When we’re expecting a baby, we nest, when the Titanic is going down, we rearrange the deck chairs, when that dissertation or thesis is looming, we refinish the basement.  Turning to details, to tasks and duties gives us comfort.    Creating societies and structures, being effective and logical, gives a kind of security and order to our worlds. The whole book of Acts is a hilarious back and forth between wild Holy Spirit encounters of pulling people out of their security and comfort to things they’ve never done before in ways they’ve never done them, things that might involve fire and strange languages, prophecy, miracles, public speaking and touching strangers, and then tidying up, figuring out logistics and details, creating order and structure, assigning KP duty. In fact, most of Paul’s letters throughout the res

To watch together for God

Psalm 119:103-105 Luke 24:36-53 Yesterday at a party, and I was standing in the kitchen, asking my sister if someone I had just seen outside was a new friend she’d been telling me about, and while the question was half way out of my mouth, the person walked in, and I felt busted, and ended up awkwardly cutting off my sentence and introducing myself instead.   I had acted like she wasn’t there and suddenly she was, and everything changed.  That’s kind of what happened in this scene. While they were talking about Jesus, he showed up among them. Y ou guys, they’d been saying, he’s really alive! We were walking to Emmaus and this stranger started talking to us, and he turned out to be Jesus! Were not our hearts burning within us while spoke? And when we invited him back for dinner and he broke the bread, suddenly our eyes were opened and we recognized him! Without a cell phone to call back and say, “You’ll never believe what just happened!,” instead they hit the roa