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The Final Say

1 Corinthians 15:51-58 (but really the whole chapter ) Yesterday in the car I was theologically outmaneuvered by a 10 year old. It began with some offhanded, irreverent comments about death being bandied around the back seat, and me gently interjecting that death was serious, and not something to joke about. One of them responded, “Why? What’s the big deal?” And I said, “Because death is final; people don’t come back from that.” At which point my doctrinally astute nephew piped up, “Not always. Sometimes people do come back from the dead. I mean, other than Jesus, even.” He then went on to tell a detailed account of his preschool teacher, who, at one point in her life, had been a missionary in another country, teaching in a school, when a bomb went off, and she died. “And God brought her back from the dead. She even has scars on her head from it.” He cheerfully announced. “Cool.” Owen declared.    (And incidentally, I happen to know this was all true, having he

Persons Alongside (and how it happens)

1 Corinthians 12:12-13:13  (or this excellent paraphrase: 12:12-31 and 13:1-13 ) This week my mom asked me to stop talking to her about politics.    To be honest, she’s been asking me to stop for a while, and I’ve just kept doing it, sending her articles, forwarding her things. I wanted to connect with her, to bring her to a place where we’d see things the same way (my way) and agree, and we’d commiserate, and laugh, and it would feel easy and peaceful.  We didn’t come to that place. Instead she wrote me a three page letter describing why she believes what she does, and respectfully asking me to back off and please respect her.    It was humbling to receive.    Because we are not going to agree. Maybe ever. And there will always be points in her beliefs or her reasoning that I will want to say,’ But wait…” But that’s not quite true…!” But have you considered…?” but in the midst of this argument, I got arrogant, and proud, and irritable and maybe a little bit r