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The Meal in the House of the Honest

"The Best Supper" from  Jan Richardson 's beautiful book,  In Wisdom's Path , See more of Jan's work . 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 From middle school to the Middle East, most of us, most of the time, like to know who is more important, and how we can be that. We guess and compare and rank, and pretend we’re not doing it. But in Corinth, there was no guessing, everybody knew. There was no vagueness about people’s ranking and value – it was very clearly delineated, and everyone knew their place. They lived these distinctions and divisions right out loud, as though they were unequivocally true. Some people simply mattered more than others. Nobody disputed that. Until this Jesus Christ message came to town.   And then, in the shadow of overwhelming and intentional inequality, this little congregation forms. And in defiance of all accepted wisdom and practice, this little community weirdly w

Sabbath: The Gift of Rest

Word and Word Journal this quarter is about Sabbath , and filled with excellent articles - I recommend checking out the whole issue .   But I especially wanted to share that I have an article included in this issue: Sabbath, the Gift of Rest . I invite you to read it here . Word & World journal Summer 2016 edition