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Meet me in Galilee

Matthew 28:1-10 I asked a friend this week, what do you want for Easter? What would you like Easter to do for you? She paused and pondered a bit, and then she answered, “I want to know that God is real. If Easter could do that for me, that would be fantastic.”   Now, this friend is a Christian. She is someone with deep belief and conviction, and believing in God is not what she meant. I want to know it, she said, to live like it is true .   “I believe that it’s true; I want to trust that it’s true.” We are all about belief in our rational, scientific modern world.   When Easter rolls around we get to this moment which is super central to our Christian faith, and we immediately engage our heads-   what does this mean? How does God save us?   Why do we need saving? What exactly do we believe? And I suspect we come to church on Easter and this belief thing is kind of the elephant in the room.   We are here because we do believe, very passionately, or we come

Easter is Coming...

This is one of my favorites. A blessed Holy Week to you.