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Defined, fully and finally

"Baptism of Christ" by  Davezelenka Matthew 3:1-17 What gets to define you?  Things you’ve done? Things that have happened to you? Things you’ve inherited? Your infamous parents? Your sketchty heritage? That one stupid decision? The chronic indecision? Health crises or financial limitations? The good opinions of others?  What gets to define you and say who you are?    How are you to be known and understood? What gets to define Jesus?    Our opinions of him? What we want for him to be?   What people do in his name? What defines Jesus? How is God incarnate to be known, understood? Jesus becomes human – a specific human, an individual human, with a particular story.   God takes on a heritage, a people, a history, claims it as his own. Embodies it.   When Jesus is born into the arms of Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem, chased by Herod and lauded by Magi from a far off land, living in exile as a refugee, growing up in Galilee as the son of a carpenter, thi

Sabbath questions and busy minds

Sabbath is so counter-cultural that we don't even know where to begin.   It seems by the time we grow out of toddler naps, we've aged out of the right to rest (until retirement, at least). For most of our lives we are trained to resist rest, to label stopping as "lazy," and to treat rest as a reward that is earned after work is completed, instead of a necessary rhythm, the foundation from which life flows. When given a chance to practice sabbath, even with the desire to do so, we're often at a loss. I received this question a couple weeks ago from a friend, and thought it might be helpful for others. Hi Kara, Do you have suggestions for how to help people embrace sabbath?  Like how to quiet your mind to make way for creativity?  Will be interested in your thoughts or reading recommendations.  Love, Sandy Hi Sandy, I love Wayne Muller's book, Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal and Delight in our Busy Lives. That's kind of what got