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Hopers and Dreamers

Acts 2:1-21, 38 -47 This week a line of kindergartners 68 children long snaked its way up the sidewalk and through our front doors, and down into the basement of this building.   I stood with the door open welcoming them, and they looked up at me with bright curious faces and said Hi!- nearly every single one.   They were here to visit their new school, being renovated across the street, and I was invited to join a small group of them for a tour.   I took my place at the end of the line, and looked ahead at a dozen bobbing dark heads as we crossed the street, a dozen tiny bodies in bright orange and dark navy t-shirts that read on a dozen small backs, “Ask me about my hopes and dreams.” Our session dreamed some dreams last March. We sat in a room and laid out in front of us everything we could think of that was happening in the life of our congregation. We read and absorbed all the congregations’ shared observations. We had pages and pages of lists on sticky newsprint o

From the time when all will live

Ascension pictures are so terrible they are awesome. (Don't believe me? Google "Ascension of Jesus.") This is one of my favorites. Jesus entering the Heavenly CT Scan Machine. Or an egg yolk. Or diving into a bowl of Lemon Tapioca custard. Yum. Can you see the wires?  Also, he always leaves his shoes behind. Always. And he never pencil dives either - arms out or not at all . Acts 1:1-11 It’s interesting how a season can wear out. Snow in November makes us giddy and nostalgic, but by April it makes us surly and weepy.   Christmas at first is thrilling, and then several weeks later with a brittle tree dropping needles on your floor and more sweet cookies everywhere you go, you are pretty ready for it to be over.   I am feeling that just a little bit about Eastertide.   I’m not a very patient people, and we’ve waited seven weeks to see what happens next.   Since Easter we’ve joined the disciples in the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus