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The Peace of God with us

John 14:23-29 (Revelation 21:10,22-22:5) Sometimes I crave peace. And by peace, I mean a moment of silence, when I can hear myself think and feel my body breathe, without high volume rambunctious children and excitable dogs swarming around me.   Or I mean universal relief, a deep and painful yearning for a break in the endless suffering and violence, just a breath in and out when the world doesn’t feel like its heading straight to hell in a handbasket.  Or by peace I mean a personal pause, when the many and delicately balanced plates I am spinning all at once as I run about juggling responsibilities and obligations don’t seem about to come crashing down on my head.   I crave the peace of a fantastically good night sleep, waking up completely refreshed without a care in the world for the first few delicious moments before the day dawns new. I do things to try to make peace happen. Some of these things are more effective than others.  I drink chamom