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The Space Between

Acts 1:1-14 Yesterday the alarm rang at 4:30 am in our hotel room in Palm Springs, Florida, and we juggled our luggage downstairs and waited in the dark morning for the airport shuttle, then sat in the airport and waited for the plane boarding to start, then we found our seats and waited for the plane to take off, and when it landed we waited in the aisle to deplane and head to the next gate to wait for the connecting plane to board.   Once we settled into our seats and ready to take off, we were told there was a mechanical problem and it would be a 2 hour wait for it to be repaired.   When all was said and done and we finally arrived in Minneapolis, we waited one more time on the curb with our luggage for our ride to arrive and bring us home.   Our journey progressing in fits and starts, held up in the waiting. Life is full of waiting.   We wait for college acceptance letters and wait for the baby to arrive.    We send our children or grandchildren off to Iraq and wait to hear that

The Journey Unfolding

Revelation 21:1-6 Acts 16:6-16 I have kept a journal since junior high school.  At times more consistently and faithfully than others, but always coming back as a touchstone, a place where I record my thoughts and dreams, experiences and encounters. In the moment you often don’t think much about what you’re writing – at least for me, the writing itself was a way of living more fully into the experience, and I never intended that they be read later on.  But I bet that laying these stacks of notebooks side by side and reading through them would tell a story – the story of my life the way it went, not how I thought it should or would go, not how I planned it or hoped – though those hopes and plans are in there too – achieved, unfulfilled, fleeting or tenacious – they are there and they are certainly part of the story.   But also revealed would be the way the writer was changed by the journey itself, the way I grew and my perspective shifted, dreams were altered as they became reality or