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Welcome to the Wilderness

Shared at Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church, February 21, 2010 Luke 4:1-13 This reflection on Jesus' time in the wilderness came after we viewed the gorgeous and striking "40", from Proost .  It is a comic book rendition of Jesus' time in the wilderness, written by Chris Goan and illustrated by Si Smith, and the movie is the images only, set to a moving soundtrack.  We mostly don’t choose our wildernesses.  We find ourselves there, sometimes startled, sometimes after seeing it coming for a long time.  Wandering in on our own or dropped off and left there by others or life circumstances, stumbling around to find our way out. In the wilderness we’re stripped of our comforts – the things that make us secure, our job, our health, our reputation or routines, and now we’re precarious and frightened, and feel so vulnerable.  In the wilderness we’ve lost something essential to us, our spouse or friend, our mental stability, or sense of belonging, or personal safety, and the

Gifts & Trust

Guest Blogger, Cyndi Wunder, reflects on a presentation by Jan Richardson, who was recently in Minneapolis.  The image is a collage they created together at a workshop Jan led. The Alabaster Jar Blind Trust Jan spoke of emptying, of pouring oneself out in love for the other. She spoke of Etty Hillesum, a woman whose last known act was that of singing with her friends on a train bound for Auschwitz. Etty didn't have to be there. She could have escaped, there was opportunity, but she insisted on being with her friends who needed her. Etty poured herself out, a balm for the wounds of the injured. Sometimes we, or at least I, like to think, like to say, that if a great moment came well we hope we would do well. We hope for the chance to be great like that, though we hope also that we can avoid the cost. Jan reminded us that pouring out our gifts for the world is a daily process not a singular spectacular moment. It is a decision to engage the world wide-awake with clear intention