Thursday, May 9, 2024

Thoughts on Mothering and Mother's Day: A Blessing


As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you..." Isaiah 66:13

Mothering is a messy, complicated business-
just like humaning,
with impossible expectations,
deep longings,
piercing pain
and incomprehensible joy. 

On Mother's Day 
gratitude and sadness
as they do whenever we are really
paying attention. 

The mothers
we wish we'd been...
the mothers
we wish we'd had...
the mothers
we wish were still with us...
the mothers
we never knew...
the "mothers"
we've had along the way
who made us who we are today...
the mothers
we've watched our daughters become...
or not...
All of their faces rise before us.

So we pause and
welcome them in,
 whatever emotions they bring.

This I know:
pain does not disqualify
And love and gratitude
do not dishonor grief and sorrow. 

We are all in this together-
mothers, mothered, motherless -
siblings in the human family. 

Life is hard.
It's good to have days
when we on purpose say
Thank You.

to all mothers, thank you.
for all mothers, Lord, thank you. 
And most of all, God, for mothering us,
Thank you.

- Kara K. Root, in Receiving This Life.

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