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To Be Free

Acts 16:16-34   (-40) On Friday my son and I visited with a pastor who works for a ministry in Turkey that helps educate Kurdish girls.  These girls are raised with two primary tracks for their life, either  marriage, at an average age of 14, and often as a mistreated second or third wife, or being handed a weapon and sent to the mountains to join the fighters.  This is your freedom , they are told.   This is your salvation .   But instead, with this ministry, they go to school, they learn a trade, they start a business, and when the marriage proposal or the gun comes, they say No.  The average marriage age for girls involved in this program is now 22.  And they tend to marry men who see them more as partners. They teach their own children to read, they hire friends for their businesses, they strengthen and build their communities. And the church is growing in that place – just like it was in Paul’s day, and in much the same way.  People are having dreams, “I saw a man o