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The real life

Luke 6:17-38 James Finley used to go to Thomas Merton for spiritual direction. When he arrived, Merton would ask him, “How’s it going?’  If Finley answered, “It’s going well!” Merton would respond, “Don’t worry, before too long it wont be going so well.”  And if he answered, “It’s not going so well.” Merton would respond, “Don’t worry, before too long, it will be going well.” You aren’t sleeping through the night?  Don’t worry, soon your kid will be done teething.  You are sleeping through the night?  Don’t worry, soon your kid will be out driving late at night with friends.  You are stable and happy and healthy and have a job you love?  Don’t worry, before too long you’ll get sick, or lose your job, or face some financial hardship.  You are going through a difficult illness, hunting for a new job or struggling to make ends meet?  Don’t worry, before too long your treatment will be finished, you will find employment, and one day you will be finished payin

Changing, and Being Changed

A sermon on Annual meeting Sunday. Luke 4:14-30 Last night a friend posted a photo on Facebook of rack at a store with something blue, triangular shaped, quilted, and embroidered with flowers hanging on it, and said, “I think this ‘hat’ at the Good Will is actually a mislabeled tea cozy.’   The first comment underneath was, “What’s a tea cozy?” and he had to go on to explain that it’s a cover you put on your tea pot to keep the tea from cooling too fast – and not the tea pot you boiled the water in on the stove, the ceramic one you serve the tea from.   Neither the employees at the Good Will nor the friends on Facebook knew what this thing was even for. Because ,  in life, things are always changing.  Last night I updated the church website with new photos. I didn’t mean to, I was there for something else, but I took a second and really looked at the photos for the first time in a long time.  And I was dismayed at how outdated they were.  Nearly every photo had