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Being Saved

Acts 2:1-21, 38-47 Just like all those gathered there on the day of Pentecost, we all hear the gospel in our own language.  For those of us who are charismatic Pentecostals, the day of Pentecost is the promise of seeing signs and wonders, of prophesying and dreaming the reality of God.  For those of us who are social justice Christians it is about caring for the poor so nobody is in need, and for Christian socialists it is about having all things in common, sharing what you have with each other and building a new kind of community.   For evangelists it is about numbers being added and the good news being spread to all nations.  For the preachers it’s about Peter’s epic sermon – some of which we did not read today - introducing Jesus in such a compelling way that it draws thousands to the good news of God.  For those waiting for the fulfillment of Old Testament promises, it presents Jesus as the culmination of their hopes.   For some of us it’s all about repentance an

Stay here until...

"Waiting" by Degas Luke 24:44-53 Stay here until...  Stay here until what is coming next comes.  What has been is ending. What will be is coming.  Until it does, stay here. Luke uses this story of the Ascension to end part one of his letters, the part that talks about Jesus being here in body, the book of Luke.  And then in his second letter, Acts, he tells this encounter again to open part two, the part that talks about us  being  Jesus’ body, the part that tells the beginning of the church. From Christ in flesh to Christ enfleshed in community, the Ascension is the end of the story of God alongside, with and for, and Pentecost is the beginning of the story of God in and through and between.  And in between those two is this important command, Stay here until… Waiting sucks. It can make us feel so helpless and awkward.  Stay here until…  We’d so much rather just jump in and do, than sit still and be. Any day. Stay here in the quiet house un