Today, a blessing

Gratitude is a door into timelessness.
Stopping in wonder,
letting gratefulness swell in your heart,
rise in your throat,
and press against the back of your eyes,
pulls you through the moment
into the deep reality.

Beyond everything else,
and underneath it all,
We Belong to God
and We Belong to Each Other.

May today be filled with glimpses
that break through 
noise and division,
anxiety and frustration,
distraction, blame and fatigue,
to this fundamental truth:

These people belong to you
and you to them,
we all belong to God,
this whole wide world,
and life is a gift,
abundance beyond measure,
to be shared and received.
Each breath and touch,
each laughter and tear,
each taste and texture,
drawing us in, opening us up,
to receive, respond, rejoice.

Pause there for a moment.
Read it again if it helps.
May you transcend and descend today.

And when you forget,
that you belong to God and these others,
may someone see past your defenses and bluster,
to your longing soul,
and may the Spirit gently nudge you back,
to your true home,
the space you are known and loved in God.

And when it’s a challenge,
may the grace of deep belonging hold you fast,
console your disappointment,
and give you a peek past their bluster
into the longing soul of another,
who belongs to God and you,
even while they’re forgetting it just now.

Gratitude is a door into timelessness.
pulling you through the moment
into the deep reality.
And these words: “Thank you,”
masquerading as simple, even trite,
are a mighty invocation,
a holy and powerful homecoming,
returning us to each other,
with whom we share all life and blessing,
and resuming us in God,
from whom all life and blessing comes,
and to whom all life and blessing returns.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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