Election Night

Now we know. 
We've been hiding how broken we are for a long time. 
It's out. No more lies and pretending. 
We are a hot mess and the whole world knows it.
There is some relief in having the secret finally out for all to see.
Resurrection can only come after death. 
I am not being hyperbolic.

Here's how I parent tomorrow: 

My dear, love is always the biggest, truest thing. No matter what.
And now I have to tell you something.

When humans get afraid we turn against each other and try to feel big by making other people feel small. We try to hold onto our power and the things that make us feel safe, even if it means hurting other people. That’s what fear does. It tells us we are in this alone and other people are our enemy.  

And fear won last night.
And I am really, really sad. 

But fear doesn’t win me. 
Fear doesn’t win this family. 
And fear doesn’t win you. 
I am sad. 
But I am not afraid.

You belong to God. 
God came into all pain and death with us so we would never be alone. And the way God works is not by making people feel comfortable and strong and safe, but always to bring life out of death. Always hope out of hopelessness. Always. 
We get to be part of that. 
And now is our time to shine. 

No matter what anyone in charge ever says, or does, or tries to get other people to say or do, the truth of God will never, ever change:
we belong to God and we belong to each other. All of us.

So here’s what we do:
When we get sad we will cry. And when we get scared we will remind each other that fear doesn't win us.  And the rest of the time, we will be truth tellers and hope sharers. We will be friends and neighbors. We will let love make us so brave! We will stand with those who are suffering. We will use the power we have, the voice we have, to help those whose voice gets ignored or taken away. We will not allow walls to be built between us, and we will not accept that people are their worst words or actions. 

Every chance we get we will remind each other that fear is a liar, 
and love is the biggest, truest thing.  
God is already, always doing this, no matter who is in charge. 
We will be part of what God is always, already doing. 

That is what we will do.


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