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Work, Rest, Repeat, (aka. Trust Training)

(WHY SABBATH? PART I) Exodus 20:8-11 Mark 12:30-31 Every night for the past ten years, beginning around 8 pm and going for the next two or so hours, the boy who lives next door to me practices his saxophone.  Summer evenings with windows open I can hear him anywhere in my house.  But winter too, his saxophone is the sound that surrounds me when my kids have headed off to their rooms and the house is quiet. Over the years he’s gotten better and better, and now he’s heading off to college on a music scholarship. I am sure he stands in a tuxedo in front of a hushed audience in some grand setting and plays beautiful songs. I never hear those songs. I am not sure I’ve ever heard any whole song from beginning to end. I hear the scales. Up and down, over and over and over again. I hear snippets of things– sliding between tricky notes- replayed, replayed and replayed.   I hear the drills. Owen recently joined a swim team, and I watched him begin to learn drills. For 90 min

A message right to you

1 Corinthians 16  (all if it, but especially vs. 13-14) Last weekend Andy got a bug to clean out the basement storage area, and he plunged right in. I didn’t realize it was happening until I heard the dragging, thumping and banging, and the occasional shout of an unintelligible swear word that comes when something gets pinched or whacked, a sure sign in my house that a construction job of sorts is well under way. By the time I came down to investigate, tubs of baby clothes and Easter baskets, a treestand and a typewriter, empty luggage and over a dozen full boxes of college and grad school notes were pulled out of storage and piled around the playroom, and he was dismantling the shelving piece by piece.   It’s been ten years since those walls have seen the light of day, and there was some work to do to get everything “back up to code.”   In the midst of the chaos, I poked around in a box or two and found some old journals of mine, which I carried upstairs and spent some ti