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Forced Sabbath and Unexpected Treasures

Recently I was forced to sabbath.  Foot surgery required that I remain essentially immobile for two weeks – the first week with my foot above my heart 95% of the time, and the second week with some sitting allowed. I prepared well for this - l ining up subs, help and back up, welcoming meal offers and  carpool volunteers,  emptying my calendar and filling my kindle, buying easy snacks and soliciting advice for shows on Netflix.  I was ready. Commence Operation Foot Surgery. The first week after surgery I had a purpose:  obey doctor's orders,  stay in bed, heal.  I did that as hard as I could; totally productive non-productivity.   Day 2:  Kara Root April 28 at 3:38pm  ·  I am KILLING this whole elevation, icing, sleep, pills, snacks and streaming old episodes of the Good Wife thing. Like a PRO. Competitive recovery. Pretty sure I could medal. Gradually, the family got used to me being/not being there, and went on with an adapted form of life as usual. I w