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That God is here

Mark 1:1-20 Jesus is all grown up.   And he’s about to be introduced to the world for who he really is.   John has been paving the way, but God does the introducing.   And I think about how God wanted all this to start, and while there is a lot that varies in the different gospel accounts, Matthew Mark and Luke, and even John weighs in here a little bit, tell this part of the story the same way: John is out there doing his prophet thing – just as his parents Zechariah and Elizabeth were told in Luke that he would be.   He’s out there telling the world – he’s coming. God with us is coming! And then Jesus comes incognito among those gathering outside the city to listen to this wild man; in the midst of those longing for the redemption John passionately describes, to wade into the waters of repentance and renewal and say Yes to God.   Here among them, sandals dusty, palms sweaty and heart pounding hard, walks God with us.   With and alongside you and me. The time h

This bright, blessed mess

Matthew 2 So, Christmas is over- Mary and Joseph have packed away the tree and the decorations and the swaddling clothes, and have been hunkered down with their new baby in a peaceful little home in Bethlehem for some time now.    And to be honest, since the night when the shepherds and angels and everyone showed up in a wild blur of glory and honor, it’s been kind of quiet.  Really, there is almost nobody bringing meals or checking in on the young couple, a friendly hello here or a kind gesture there, perhaps, but they are not living near life-long neighbors, friends of their parents throwing a baby shower or aunties offering advice. They are kind of all alone – maybe seeing friends of friends, and relatives of relatives from time to time, but this was not the way they had imagined their family life would start- not even once they rearranged their imaginings to include God-incarnate crawling across the living room floor. Joseph rented them a little house with room f