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To see and be seen

Selections from Romans 14-15 (Romans14:1-4,7-10,13,17,19-22,15:5-6) Several of us recently spent a week at a conference at Luther Seminary learning about Non-violent communication. Developed in the 60s by Marshall Rosenburg, NVC operates with the assumption that all people share the same common needs – which are fundamental qualities that contribute to the flourishing of life. This is where we connect and what we all have in common.  Needs are things like air, food, water and rest, and belonging, connection, meaning, contribution, and creativity.   But most of the time, we don’t hear and speak to each other at the level of our needs – the place where we share life in common. Rather, we get stuck at the place of judgment and blame and interpretation, or at the level of strategies, ways we are seeking to meet our various needs, which often compete.  But needs never compete. And so we seek to hear one another there, and see one another there, and let ourse

The Maker's Gift

Our scripture today picks up with a crowd, several hundred of whom had just come from Jesus’ miraculous feeding of 5000 with a one boy’s small lunch.   They had just listened to his teaching and then eaten from these baskets of food that were passed, abundance of food, food that filled them all and then had more leftovers than they knew what to do with, food that had seemingly come out of nowhere – appearing from a small gift and a simple prayer.   And somehow, shortly after this, Jesus had slipped away. Disappeared. These several hundred were intent on tracking him down.   Here is what happens when they find him. John6:24-35 Once upon a time there was a creative and adventurous Maker who devised a whole new kind of creature and brought it to life.   The Maker longed to share the most precious parts of the maker’s own self, and so formed these creatures for real connection with their Maker, each other and even all creation.   Each one of these creatures would be com