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Family: Fluid, Fragile and Strong

I asked my sister, Callie, if she would write a post about her family's experience this past year.  Callie, Jason and Vincent have opened their home and their lives in foster care.  They are in a transition time now - expecting a baby after 8 years - and getting ready to say goodbye to the four foster kids who have been theirs this year.  I have been deeply moved watching their journey of love.   Here is what she wrote. Soon our kids will leave our home, for them the only home they have ever known; for the littlest ones the only family they have ever known. I will have to face myself, and whether or not I really believe that the joys and struggles of this year have made a lasting difference, as I release them into a merciless world.   As I pack their thing-- each day, choosing something else to sort out, separating theirs from ours, them from us—I am grieved for them.   Grieved for their loss of life here that they have grown to love so much, and for the feeling

Stories of Life-giving change

So there is this new ebook that just came out, which is filled with creative ideas for renewing the church - ideas that come from the experiences and insights of 50 different contributors from 15 different faith traditions.  A bit of our story from  Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church  is in this book, alongside so many other wonderful ideas and stories!  You can get  Renew 52 , for FREE  by following the link. Read an  introduction to the book  by David Lose Finally, here is LNPC's contribution from the book. Make space for sabbath byKaraK Root Our small, 90-year-old congregation has found new life and vitality. Our secret? We’ve stopped having worship services every Sunday. A couple of years ago we made the decision as a congregation to embrace the Sabbath and practice it communally. Actually, the secret was a process of intentional discernment—exploring the question:  Who are we now, and who are we called to be for this time and place?  This meant grieving a

90 Years of Wonder and Life

Acts 2:42-47 &  Ephesians 3:14-21 Life is strange and a little amazing.  Seeing this timeline stretching across the back of the sanctuary and all of us here today makes me wonder,  what if those first people, sitting in the shade of a tree in 1915, with their bibles open, swatting away flies and talking about faith, what if they could see us today?   Or the ones who raised $1200 to buy the plots of land, or $6000 to build the first chapel on this site in 1918? What if the crowd who sat together filled with joy and hope at the future when Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church became officially incorporated in 1922 could have a glimpse of us right now, sitting here in all of our own struggles and joys, trying to do this life the best we know how, just like they were, so long ago, in the church they saw begin?   Even though the dinner began with turkey in the 30s, would they be excited to know we’re still eating Ham (comma) and Cherry Pie every year for over eighty yea

On life lost and saved, and the big question's invitation

Mark 8:27-38 My sister was telling me about a job interview she had this week, during which she was asked the question, “What would people who know you say that they do not like about you?”  When she told me this, as someone who knows her, naturally, a handful of things immediately came to mind. But the question so threw her in the moment she was wondering about what she had answered. And it made me wonder if I could answer it about myself, if I would dare to answer it about myself.  What do people who know me not like about me? What do they like about me? Who would they say that I am? And is that who I truly am? What summarizes a person? Jesus asks a question and throws his friends for a loop.  He starts by inviting them to describe stories, report rumors, recap the buzz.  Who do people say that I am?   Fun game, ok! Some say this, others that, you know. But then he asks them what must feel like a frighteningly vulnerable thing- both to ask and to be