Away and home again (sort-of)

It has been a few weeks since I have posted.  The kids and I just returned from 16 days in New Zealand and Australia.  (We were all there, but just the kids and I returned - Andy will be back in a week).  And the return journey was a drawn-out doozie; I wish I would've taken before and after pictures - we looked like a trio of surly, hungover criminals slinking through US Customs.

But I have things to say, I think, things to process and share about our time there - about traveling with kids, about Christchurch and Christ's Church, about time alone with family out of normal context (but never alone by yourself), and what surprising sacred space sightseeing opens up within and between us.  I have lots burbling, I think.

But at the moment I am a foggy mess.  My edges are all blurry I can't latch onto thoughts.  (Not to mention trying to feed myself and the kids when we want breakfast in the middle of the day and dinner in the middle of the night).  So the post-travel post(s) will have to wait a few days.  (At least until all the bubble-wrapped souvenirs are off the dining room table and we all three can sleep through the night without waking each other up for an extended song, craft, story and granola bars break before returning to bed).
As Owen just said when I asked him to get the remote control, "I just can't. I have too much jet-lag right now."

How we're NOT feeling right now. Ok, maybe just one of us.

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