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God, groanings and good news

Our prayers this night in worship - each one spoken simply and then held by the community in prayer. Romans 8:26-39 The very last thing I would want to hear, if I were the parent of any one of those kids on that island in Norway – whether living or dead, or really, if I were any Norweigian at all today, is “All things work together for good for those who love God…”   I might be a little more open to hearing, “The Spirit prays for us with groanings too deep for words.” Because it isn’t that we know what to pray for and just need a little help getting it out, it’s that we have no idea what we need, we don’t even know what we want half the time- Sometimes all we have is just pain, just raw awful pain and nowhere to put it and nothing to say about it.   Or we have regrets; half the time we want to pray that something didn’t happen, we want to pray to change the past, and our prayers are just a bunch of “if onlys” and “whys?”   Can we just pray that that madman didn’t get on th

The Inescapable God

Psalm 139 (all of it, not just 1-12,23-24) I know people who like to talk about God for fun. Ok, I might be one of them.  And there is no end to what could be said, from whatever perspective you say it.  Is God the cosmic power over all? The personal savior? The beginning of all things?  We can pick apart how God is represented, what beliefs reflect our picture of who God is, speculate about what God thinks of things or how God does or doesn’t intervene in life.  And whether its fun or frustrating, at some point, you reach the end of it; you’ve said about what you can say for now, you rise from your seat, clean up the empty wine bottles and dirty dishes, turn off the lights, and everyone heads home. And it usually doesn’t ultimately change you that much, all this ad nasueam talking about God. Not like talking to God.  Now that’s something else entirely.   Once you’re home, and the silence wraps around you and the whole world is asleep but you’re still lying there. Vunerable. Tent

Away and home again (sort-of)

It has been a few weeks since I have posted.  The kids and I just returned from 16 days in New Zealand and Australia.  (We were all there, but just the kids and I returned - Andy will be back in a week).  And the return journey was a drawn-out doozie; I wish I would've taken before and after pictures - we looked like a trio of surly, hungover criminals slinking through US Customs. But I have things to say, I think, things to process and share about our time there - about traveling with kids, about Christchurch and Christ's Church, about time alone with family out of normal context (but never alone by yourself ), and what surprising sacred space sightseeing opens up within and between us.  I have lots burbling, I think. But at the moment I am a foggy mess.  My edges are all blurry I can't latch onto thoughts.  (Not to mention trying to feed myself and the kids when we want breakfast in the middle of the day and dinner in the middle of the night).  So the post-travel pos