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The Storyteller

November 1, 2009 Ruth 1:1-18  - the beginning of the story (though the whole of it is what we used in worship!) "The storyteller" image by Tereza - of Cooper City, FL, Once upon a time there was a most remarkable storyteller.  Singular, unequaled in creativity and prose, master of subtlety and surprise.  This storyteller was unparalleled at the craft, weaving such intricate and complex symphonies of plot and drama, centering on the lives of characters so full and profound that even the most skilled tellers of tales in the land could only strive to emulate this storyteller.  In fact, so inspired were the stories, that every other author who wrote, or poet who spoke out in verse, every composer who wove a myth in music or artist who sought with any medium at all to in some way bring a fresh story into the world, inevitably plagiarized; so deep, original, and imaginative were the works from this one prolific storyteller. But this storyteller was my