Being seen

The past few weeks, at Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church, we've had a reporter and photographer hanging around. It's a little bit intimidating to be watched, and even more unnerving to trust that someone else will tell your story in a way that feels true to your own experience of it.  So it's been good for me to let go of control a little bit and let their encounter with us speak for itself, and it's been interesting to see ourselves through someone else's eyes.

Here is what came from their investigation:
Duke Journal of Faith and Leadership

They also linked this sermon to their article.

Mostly what I take from this experience is a renewed sense of enormous gratitude for this congregation, these people, who want with all their hearts to follow Christ and live in God's way of love instead of the way of fear. For all our quirks and foibles, our life together really is grounded in love and hope, and I feel so blessed to be in this with them!

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