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Your Glorious Life

2 Corinthians 3:17-18, 4:6 The big story about Moses was that after whatever happened up there on the mountain between him and God, he never looked the same again. The skin of his face glowed like a nightlight.  God is so holy, and the glory of God is so powerful, so overwhelming, that God told Moses that nobody could see the face of God and live. So God showed Moses the almighty backside and still  Moses' face was permaglow.  And it freaked people out.   Being thoughtful like that, Moses decided it was good to just cover the offensive thing when he was out in public and only to let them see the proof of his encounters with God when he was actually delivering messages right from God.  So Moses wore a veil. This both lent a little gravitas to the messages delivered with special effect veil removal, and also made potlucks a little easier, without his big mug beaming across the table at you while you were trying to eat your hot dish in peace.  Imagine if he just let