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An Ongoing Conversation

Luke 11:1-13 When I was young, I believed prayer could cure cancer  and guarantee we’d find a parking spot at the mall. I knew ways to pray that would bring Jesus into your heart or cast demons out of it.   I even believed that I had a magic super power prayer. I thought, if anyone tried to kidnap me, I would only need to shout with confidence, “I rebuke you in the name of the Lord!” and they would flee in fear.  I almost hoped someone would try it.  Thank God nobody did. I prayed all the time, for everything, I didn’t hesitate, I asked brazenly for what I wanted, expecting it to be given unto me.   I am not sure what I thought about God, who God was or what God was about, except that I had the bead on God. I knew how to get God to do what wanted. I would say the right words, the right way with the right attitude, and whatever I asked for would happen. “Your will be done, Lord!” I had the code cracked.  I knew God loved me and had a wonderful plan for my life. See

Living from the complete

1 Corinthians 13:8-13 On Monday I will fly to Kentucky.  I will land in the airport in Louisville and I will call for an Uber. I will ask the Uber to drive me an hour away outside of all cities and towns, past miles and miles of white-fenced horse ranches, to Trappist, Kentucky, where a huge, stone, white-washed building filled with silent monks sits on a hill overlooking rolling farmland and woods with winding trails.  I will get out of the car. Then I’ll ask the Uber driver to come back on Friday and get me, because there is no taxi or Uber service out there, and no cell phone service either.  So I will trust that the driver will return to get me at the end of my time. Then I will spend five days expecting God to do something.  I don’t know what it is I expect God to do.  Just something. As to my part, I will make myself available.   I will do this by not bringing any fiction along.  I just finished reading an excellent novel, and I’d love to start another on