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Sin, Salvation, and the All-Encompassing Belongingness of God

If my week had a theme, it might be noticing sin. This week I’ve been forced to own up to the way I let a relationship go and chose avoidance and dishonesty over facing challenging conversations.   And in coming to terms with it, I have had to see that, compounded by years of silence, honestly dealing with it will cause more hurt, and the only way out of it with integrity is to go ahead and tell the truth anyway. It’s uncomfortable to see sin, both past and present, in my life, and it feels awful, but also good to see it so I can deal with it. Sin is when we fail to live consistent with who we are made and called to be – when we violate our belonging to God and one another.   It can be personal and internal – letting go of anger, dealing with pride, or self-judgment, and we’re stuck to wrestle inside ourselves with our failure to live consistent with who we are made and called to be. It an be between us, words and actions that hurt or degrade people, that violate the