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When things crumble

Proverbs 3:5-8 Matthew 4:12-17
Our family has been on a month long trip to Australia and New Zealand. Last week, we were in Christchurch.In 2010 a huge earthquake hit Christchurch and caused extensive damage. Thankfully nobody was killed.18,158 aftershocks followed, and people functioned in a daily life that felt unsure and threatening. They had no idea what to expect; anything could happen.And six months later, it did. In February of 2011, a bigger quake struck. Large swatches of the city were decimated, thousands were injured, and 185 people died.A lot of businesses and individuals have left the city, and while a lot of rebuilding has been done, a lot remains, and Christchurch is a city still locked in PTSD and exhaustion, as the slow work of rebuilding continues.
Near the place we were staying, a 90 year old women came most days and set out a few dozen water color paintings along the sidewalk, for people to peruse and buy. She’d been painting for 60 years, she would tell everyone who …