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Armor off and asking Who

Photo by Rob Du Bois, Mark 8:27-38 Last weekend Andy and I led a marriage seminar at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. 200 people signed up to give up 5 hours of their Saturday to come and learn from us. For six months, this event has been a source of low grade terror for me.   Andy and I don’t really feel like we’ve got this marriage thing anything close to figured out, but they kept asking and insisting that they didn’t want experts, just people willing to be real and help them think about it from a new perspective, so here we were. We met and prepared – like actually set meetings three times a week for several weeks to discuss content.   The week of, I bought a brand new shirt, set an appointment to have my hair done, and spent time going over and over my notes in my head, wondering if I would have the courage to do this thing.   And then, two days before we left, our daughter got violently ill, and vomited all night long.