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Newness of Life

Romans 6:1-14 When I was a kid lying in bed at night, from time to time, I would get miffed, imagining a scenario where I, who had given my life to Jesus at the ripe old age of 4, did what I could to live faithful to God all my many decades and then passed away (surely a near saint by my old age), and Josephine Schmoe, born my same year, did whatever she wanted her whole life – partied, broke all the rules, ignored God, I mean, really lived it up , and then, gasping her last breath and timed just perfectly, gave her life to Jesus – and we would both be standing side by side before God’s throne in glory.   Oh, it made me mad.   So unfair! Today we are going to talk about grace.  Grace is God’s stance toward us – God’s side of the relationship, Grace is God’s Yes, and it is so big that no matter how big your No is, God’s Yes is always bigger. In fact, Paul says in the verses just before this – God’s Yes is so big that the biggest No you can give can’t ever trump God’s Yes.