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soul-rest, forgiveness, and other things we resist

Matthew 11:16-30 On Wednesday I picked up a tired and happy kid from camp. They had a wonderful time, swimming, boating, singing, campfiring, bible studying and running around wild with credit at the canteen and nobody to tell them to brush their teeth.   The parents gathered with their dirt-smudged kids in camp t-shirts at the closing worship, and after some goofy camp songs, which the kids sang with gusto, the camp director stood up front to wrap up the week, and he said, “Hey Kids! Camp has been great, hasn’t it? When you leave here, remember this, camp is a mountaintop experience, but what matters is what happens when you get home.   You go home and be good.   Make good choices.   Be a good kid those other 51 weeks of the year. And then come back to us next year. OK?”   And I felt sick to my stomach. Because kids at camp experience God.   In the gentle lapping of the water at sunset when the stillness and motion enter your soul and you feel the deep quiet inside