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Hope-filled Hospitality & Resurrection Readjustments

John 14:1-3 John 21:1-14 I have been experiencing some hospitality lately.   I’ve been meeting with people in coffee shops and making my way from house to house these past weeks and next weeks, being welcomed in for coffee, muffins, cake, parfait and tea, and lovely tables with beautiful cups and saucers and the most fun conversations.   There is something about sitting down across from someone and choosing to be present in the moment right now, giving each other your attention, listening to stories and eating and drinking together, that reminds us that we are not alone, that we are alive, that God is trustworthy and that we are blessed. In this season of Eastertide we are spending some time in hospitality with the Resurrected Jesus, or, at least, with the disciples while the resurrected Jesus comes and goes here and there as he pleases, and they keep sitting across from him and getting their lives readjusted. Mary at the tomb, Thomas in the upper room, Cleopas o

A Community of Discernment

At the beginning of April, I got to share a bit of the story of the community where I pastor,  Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church , at the NEXT Church National Gathering.  Here is a video link to my presentation.

Hope Embodied and Life Recognized

Luke 24:13-35 Yesterday a certain smart little someone, when told that today was the second to last day of Sunday school before summer break, asked if worship kept going after that.   I told her yes . Then she asked if church just keeps going our whole entire life. Yes. Yes it does. What? Why ? Why do we even go to church? Life is so busy; we have so much we are doing.   Why do we keep on going? Why is this something we keep on doing, why does it just keep going and not ever stop? she moaned. The question is often asked, this way, if Jesus is with us in all of life, why is it important to go to church? Why do we do this at all? Why are we even here? This third week of Easter we find ourselves on a road away from Jerusalem with two dismayed followers of Jesus, and a stranger who joins them right exactly where they are, in their questions and grief, their speculation and their wondering, their conversation and their journey.   When they arrive in Emmaus and implore