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Sabbatical is a-comin'

In a few weeks I will begin my three-month Sabbatical – my extended Sabbath. Sabbath is time and space dedicated to being instead of doing.  At LNPC we talk about Sabbath as stepping outside of all the things that layer on and around us, so that we can remember whose we really are and observe who we truly are. And God declared it necessary, because without Sabbath we slip into a mindset of slavery, and a relentless pace of fractured and scattered half-living, instead of a cohesive existence of wholeness and fullness, rooted and grounded in love. But like the Israelites released from Egypt, when faced with freedom, it makes us very nervous. OK, I’ll own it: it makes me very nervous. I love being a pastor. I love my job. It is deeply integrated into who I am and I have great joy in fulfilling my role alongside and with my congregation. I am comfortable in my routines, responsibilities and I can see how I often measure how successful my days and weeks are by how muc

The One Where Paul is Pissed

Galatians 1:1-12 There is often discussion these days around how difficult it is to read people’s tone on email or text messages.  Was that comment serious or sarcastic? Did they mean that question or were they being facetious? Just yesterday I had to clarify in a text message that the little colon bracket smiley face I had typed was meant to be a WRY smile, not an genuine smile, placed at the end of a statement which was factually incorrect on purpose , because it had been said as a joke to make a point, rather than being a cheerfully misinformed incorrect statement said accidentally.  Geesh. You couldn’t tell that? Well, Paul gives them nothing to guess about in this letter. Not only is he angry and defensive right out of the gate – but this is the only letter we have of Paul’s in which he doesn’t offer any thanksgiving whatsoever for those he is writing to – he jumps right into his point, and minces no words. I am ASTONISHED that you would so quickl