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Looking for the Living: An Easter Message

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas  by  Caravaggio Luke 24:1-12 Why do you look for the living among the dead? Because this is where we left him-?  Wait, why are we looking for the what ?  I am not getting the question here... That’s kind of a jerky way to announce the resurrection, don’t you think?  Sneaking up behind them, saying something like that...   How about a little “fear not?”  That’s an angel’s usual, helpful, first line, isn’t it?  How about a little, We don’t mean to startle you ladies, but you might want to sit down for this… No, instead it’s a kind of sarcastic and unanswerable question. Why? I hate these kinds of why questions. My husband can tell you that.  Why did you put that down bag right where I was going to sit?  Why did you leave the car on empty?   My kids hate that question too.   Why did you leave your coat on the floor?  Why didn’t you put your shoes in the mudroom?   How can you answer these types of why ques

A matter of life and death

Isaiah 55 Luke 13:1-9 I made a close friend in 6 th grade named Meenal.  She was Indian, and Hindu, and she had been born with two chambers in her heart instead of four, and had surgeries as a baby that divided it into three, but as a result she was much smaller than your average sixth grader.  But other than her size, which she dismissed with a flick of her hand and a sentence about her heart, there was nothing to reveal that anything was wrong with her.  Meenal was funny, and killer smart.  She lived a few blocks from me and I can remember lip syncing to cassette tapes we’d recorded off the radio in her bedroom while her little brother peeked in through the crack in the door in disgust, trying on her sticky dots on my forehead in her bathroom mirror, and eating meals at her family table across from the painting of the god Vishnu on her living room wall.  Meenal and I went to junior high together and our friendship continued. We were always partners f