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Avoiding Freedom, Hiding Glory, and other (Un)Christian Practices

2 Corinthians 3:12-4:2 Moses wore a veil.  In case you were wondering, you can always tell who he is in the group photos because he’s the one in the veil.   Apparently his own frequent run-ins with God caused the skin of his face to literally glow, and it freaked people out. Being thoughtful like that, Moses decided it was good to just cover the offensive thing when he was out in public, and only to let them see the proof of his encounters with God when he was actually delivering messages right from God.   This both lent a little gravitas to the messages delivered, and also made potlucks a little easier, without his big mug beaming across the table at you while you were trying to eat your hot dish in peace. But a helpful reminder too, of his differentness , being so close to God and all - (just don’t swear in front of Moses). We’ve been spending a bit of time with Paul and the Corinthian church – and last week we heard in one of Paul’s letters them about lov

Love Impossible

1 Corinthians 13:1-13 If I am the most eloquent of preachers, a poet and a speaker that moves people to tears, but don’t have love, I might as well be an annoying ringing alarm clock, and we should all stay home and save ourselves the trouble.  If I am the most generous giver, on all the committees, the first to volunteer and the last to go home, but don’t have love, I may as well not even be here, all that I do is so utterly pointless. If I know the bible, and have faith that inspires people, and I diligently pray, and always fight the right fights, and stand up for the oppressed, and speak out for the voiceless, and share all I have with the poor, but don’t have love, it means absolutely nothing – and my life has no real lasting impact.   Dramatic stuff. And what is love exactly? Well I will tell you, Paul says.  Then he goes on to describe love in very straightforward and descriptive ways.  It is this, it does this, it is not this, and never this