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Much Ado about Nothing

Acts 19:21-40   (and  John 14:1-6 ) Chances are, most of sitting here today have never heard this story before.  It doesn’t show up at all in the lectionary, and I would suspect that even most preachers – while perhaps racing past it in a reading of Acts in seminary – have never heard it and certainly don’t remember it, and I know this because this week at text study, while we spent a good amount of time talking about the widow’s mite - the woman who gives two small coins and Jesus calls her blessed - when I piped up, “Well, I am preaching the Riot in Ephesus!” I got a round of hearty laughter but not a single look of recognition or word of insight. To be honest, I’ve been distracted by this text.  I find it distracting.  And this in a week where I see God moving all around. My facebook feed is flooded the electricity of this thing that is going on over at the website Momastery where some 49,000 people are connected, and through something called “H

For this. Thank you.

I’m going to do a little bragging. A little celebrating. First, about my sister. She and her husband are amazing. I refuse to tell them that, because that is what everyone says to them, and sometimes saying that lets us keep the distance of awe and wonder and not feel the sacrifice and pain of the wide open lives Callie and Jason are living.  But it’s true. They are amazing. On Sunday they received the news that the foster family who was preparing to take their four foster kids next had backed out.  Being that Callie was on week four of “bedrest” with her pregnancy, and they had been trying to find a new foster family for the kids since September, this news was devastating.  They are exhausted, overwhelmed; they feel alone.  They’ve done the hard work of grieving letting go these precious lives they love and have been privileged to care for this past year, but the goodbye hasn’t come.  They’ve held off preparing for the imminent birth of their second son – nine years afte