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"What I learned on summer vacation," by Jesus Christ

The Syrophenecian Woman - Prophet to the Messiah Mark 7:24-37  &  ( James 2:1-10,14-17 ) Have you ever just had it ? Here’s why I ask: I took a moment to try to trace where Jesus has been up until now, and when I looked back, I noticed a pattern. I noticed that almost every incident of healing, preaching, teaching, every single place he goes, every little thing he does, begins with some variation of: the crowds pressed in on him, there were so many people there he had to teach from a boat to keep from getting crushed by the clamoring throng, he went up a mountain to pray and the crowds followed him, he took a boat somewhere and the crowds figured out where he was going and beat him there on foot, his fame spread, people came from far and wide, there was no room to move in the house so they cut open the roof to lower a guy down, the entire city was gathered outside his door, “Jesus, how could you slip away like this? Everyone is looking for you!” so

Vacation Status updates

I came back from our annual family vacation and wanted to do a dozen Facebook status updates in a row, so instead I compiled them here. Some things I loved about my vacation: 14 - Coming home to a full DVR and an evening of Sunday night TV. Please, how great is that? Also this stuff: 13 - Daily coffee on the porch with my grandma. 12 - My son not wearing shoes for a solid week. Or me make-up. Except at the restaurant, both of us. But that's it. 11 - Cuddling tiny foster nieces and nephews. Delicious. 10 - Proud little fisher people coming back from the boat trip with Beepaw reporting their catch. 9 - Driving winding, pine-tree lined, lake-skirting roads blasting the new Fun. album with little voices shouting/singing along (and also editing for content, e.g., “ We are VERY young, so let’s set the world on fire! ; “What have we done, oh my GOSH…”) 8 - Gluten-free recipe exploration with my beautiful 10-year-old allergy-ridden niece. 7 - Swimming a