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Forgiveness and living

Matthew 18:21-25 (Parable Series - Week 1. See Week 2 ,  Week 3  and Week 4 ) When I was a kid, I was happily dragged around the country to different camps and church events, where my dad would speak to the grown ups and my mom would lead “creative dramatics” with the kids. Essentially, this meant acting out bible stories from a set of rhyming storybooks she brought along.  Today’s parable is one that I acted out so many times as a kid, with so many groups of strangers, that I can still remember the exact lines that once got me kicked out of the room.   My mother was reading along, doing the voices of the characters, and fifty children were sitting cross-legged and rapt. We were getting to my favorite part.   I had surreptitiously positioned myself right next to her, almost facing the rest of the kids, and my heart was pounding wildly, as I worked up my courage for a surprise assist. The moment came, and she read, ”How much does he owe?” The king asked the treasurer,

So, Sing

Psalm 98 Sing   a new song.   Try it. Something completely new.   Something you’ve never sung before.   You don’t know the words, you can barely hum the tune, but sing it anyway. Try it on for size…no, just jump in and belt it out.   Maybe you don’t sing with the confidence you would if it were the old song, the familiar song, the song that makes sense and feels easy.   Maybe you don’t feel so comfortable with the instruments, or worry that you’ll be singing alone. Tell you what – how about if we sing with you?   And not just us, the whole earth – the chaotic seas will sing too, and they can’t sound more in tune than you do – the floods will clap their messy hands; just make a joyful noise, really, any noise will do.   But make it loud, ok?    Because the hills are going to join in on this, and really, the world itself, and all those who live in it.   It will be a song like no other, so get ready to sing. Are you ready? This song, it means somethi