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Litany for a Verdict

 This was published today in The Presbyterian Outlook . - Kara Litany for a verdict April 19, 2021  by  The Presbyterian Outlook   (If desired, this prayer may be read responsively, with the words of the people in bold) Jesus said, “Peace  I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I  do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.” (John 14:27) Let us pray: Jesus, who was misunderstood, maligned and murdered, you were there as he breathed his last. You are there with the jurors now. You are with us all as we wait. Jesus, who wept in anguish,    hear our sorrow and grief. Jesus, who turned over tables,    see our anger and rage. Jesus, who shared our life and bore our death,    feel our worry, exhaustion, shame and despair. No verdict can give George Floyd back his life, and no finding can absolve us of his death. We pray for justice. Lord, hear our prayer. God, your justice is not punishment or excuses, but setting right all tha

Lament. Return. Remember. Rest.

Psalm 4 There’s a desperate vigilance and awful heaviness about the world at the moment. I think even if we aren’t paying super close attention many of us are still feeling it. A shared, psychic weight to the world. Even as we are hurriedly vaccinating people, the case numbers are rising toward a global highest point, and what, another mass shooting? Wasn’t there just one yesterday? The pressure feels audible, the tension palpable. So many people I know have commented on how utterly exhausted they feel. But at the same time our sleep is fraught and spotty. We are alert, restless and exhausted. It feels like we’re given two options, and neither one is tenable. One is to watch every minute of the Derek Chauvin trial, read everything we can about little Adam Toledo, break apart the video of Daunte White’s killing, stay up late watching national guardsmen teargassing journalists a few miles away, track the vaccinations, stay on top of the politicians, check in on the suffering children at

The Never-Ending Story

Mark 15:42-16:8 A year ago Easter we were a little shell-shocked to still be in a pandemic, and I, for one, felt certain it was going to be the one and only online Easter.   Alleluia!  But here we are again, a year later, and we’ve changed, the world has changed, and also we’re still stuck inside an agonizing moment that keeps on going.  And I, for one, come to this moment ready to hear the good news of the gospel on Easter, hoping it has something to say to us right now that might pull us out of this never-ending Lent. So let's see what it has for us. First of all, have you ever notice that there is Sabbath in the Easter story? There is. Right there in the middle of it, interrupting the incarnate God living and dying and rising again, a sabbath day.  Matthew, Mark and Luke all tell us about it, they all make sure we know that everyone and everything pauses for the sabbath before resuming again on Sunday. This strikes me so profoundly strange and wonderful.    I suppose it never oc