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Choosing Life, Being Found

                      Jeremiah 31:31-34   This week I found myself needing to repent. I got caught up in a pattern of behavior that was life-draining for me and caused pain and confusion for others.  And when I woke up to it, I felt awful and flooded with regret.  Because I was thinking about repentance as our theme this week, it was especially uncomfortable because most of me was caught in the pain and agony of the experience, and a small part of me was watching myself and taking notes.    The Greek word for  repent , Μετανοεῖτε means literally “change how you think after being with,” in other words, turn around, shift your being in another direction, change your purpose after this encounter.”  Repent is not a moral word of judgment and condemnation, like we like to make it. It actually isn’t about being good or bad.  Repentance in the biblical sense is a complete reorientation.  It is turning from death to life.  We could think of it as laying down your mind and exchanging it for the

Exhaustion and What to Do (or Not Do) About It

  Psalm 107:1-9,  (or check out the  whole psalm  if you want),  Matthew 11:28-30 This is the Sunday one year ago that we suddenly suspended in-person worship.  A year ago we were hunting for toilet paper and hand sanitizer and stockpiling dried beans.  A year ago my kids came home early Thursday and didn’t go back to school on Friday. A month later my daughter and I walked through the spooky empty halls to clean out her locker, glimpsing half-finished projects scattered in abandoned classrooms and discarded boots and mittens lying on shelves.     Imagine if you could have told us then what we were in for.  I feel exhausted, emotionally, psychologically.  Things take more mental effort, my memory feels a bit feeble, and I have energy for fewer things in a day.  This is what we talked about 10 months ago as visiting a new culture , pandemic culture, and how culture shock and adjusting to a new culture, always calculating and modifying, is so draining .  It’s like we’re buffering, or con